If you need translations with a guarantee of on-time delivery,
in any combination, “from” and “into” more than 55 languages, you have come to the perfect place.





Why choose us?



We connect people

A team of more than 1600 translators from around the world ready to work in w 55 languages , 976 combinations , including rare and unusual languages.


We facilitate cooperation

With more than 100 specialisations we guarantee that translations will be produced to a high standard, taking into account the scientific language, industry or environment.



We support you in business

We support you in translating correspondence, obtaining permits, creating business offers, business-related documents and advertising.



We want to be the best

Our strengths are over 20 years of experience in cooperation with well-known companies, flexibility, accessibility, as well as fast and timely execution of our assignments.




Wide range of specialisations
is a guarantee of delivering
accurate translations


Strict industry terminology requires precise phrasing and the use of
appropriate vocabulary, as well as incorporating the right phrases in the right context.
We are able to guarantee all of this thanks to our experience and expertise in
more than a hundred specialisations, including very narrow areas of communication.





Do you know how important terminological dictionaries are?

Are you starting work with us and you desire long-term co-operation? Creating your translation we will collect and catalogue so-called project dictionaries. Project dictionaries are a collection of the most important specific repeated phrases and words used in your translation. The dictionary we establish together with the customer if necessary. And when everything is clear - the agreed and accepted project dictionary will be applied consistently in subsequent translations and systematically supplemented. Nothing but benefits - all translation orders placed with us have the same specialized vocabulary used in the literature of your company, and you get peace and faithful translations, facilitating communication within and outside the company.


Do you know how profitable for your business is ongoing cooperation?

Is it possible that the best translated text is not the most important expectation? There is more. With a view of such needs we create a customer portfolio, which means that we assign the customer his own translator, who will always deal with translation for your organization - specialists in your industry. Always and forever - the same team with the same project dictionary and terminology will work on your translations and ensuring peace and a guarantee of a job well done. This also means savings for your business, because each translation company assumes in the cost estimate the fact of creating such a dictionary - by staying with us, you don't need to worry about such cost.


We provide peace and security of your documents.

The computer crashed, the company servers do not work and you can't find the translation that we prepared for you? Sometimes it happens, we know that very well. That is why, on the basis of experience in cooperation with international and Polish customers, we have an external database of the documents you need. When you are in an emergency situation - we have for you at no additional charge permanent access to the original texts, their translation and of course the project dictionaries. Of course, at the request of the customer, we can also delete provided translations :) This is the quality offered by Excellence Translations.


Large text and little time? The pleasure is ours.

We know that often people work overtime; we also know that often people take work home. This is why, for your comfort - we are available at any time - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. And if that's not enough, you have our guarantee that we will fulfil your order in the shortest time possible time. Your time is our priority.


Prices. We have prices that you do not have to be afraid of.

By selecting us, in addition to the guarantee of well performed translations, you receive a clear and transparent price list. No hidden costs, without charges for formatting and editing text. We do not have any loopholes. Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Do you need more information?



Didn't find the answer to your question? Do you need more information?



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